Redomiciliation of Banco Itaú BBA International, S.A. to the United Kingdom
For the purposes of consolidating and expanding the Itaú Unibanco Group’s operations in Europe, Banco Itaú BBA International, S.A.* (“Itaú BBA Portugal”) has decided to transfer its headquarters and domicile from Lisbon to London (the “Redomiciliation”), where since 2003 the Group has been carrying on Corporate & Investment Banking activities through Itaú BBA Portugal London Branch. The new bank – Itau BBA International Limited (“Itau BBA UK”) – will be provided with additional capital in the amount of US$ 200,000,000.00 (two hundred million US dollars) and will continue the existing business of Itaú BBA Portugal in the same manner, both in commercial and strategic terms. All the assets and liabilities of Itaú BBA Portugal (including all its existing rights and obligations at the date the Redomiciliation takes effect) will transfer to Itau BBA UK, by operation of law, and Itaú BBA Portugal will cease to exist as a separate legal entity. The services currently provided by Itaú BBA Portugal to its clients will not be affected by the Redomiciliation, the contact persons remaining unchanged. Itau BBA UK will continue conducting business in Portugal through a branch established in Lisbon duly authorised to provide banking services. The authorisations which the Redomiciliation is subject to are in the final stage of assessment by the competent authorities and it is expected that the Redomiciliation be completed at the beginning of 2013. Should it be necessary, we will soon contact you to discuss any particular aspects of our existing agreements. In any event, should you have any questions on the above, please do not hesitate to contact us through your usual contact person or through the email

Itaú BBA

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